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Collectibus is a firm of professionals and a network of partners who share a working method that interprets and makes use of sustainability levers, digital  potential, stakeholder involvement as a value production asset, development and generation of new  scenarios about development.

Camilla Speriani

After a period of freelance activity in 2015 I founded Collectibus because I believe in a multidisciplinary team work to face up to the complexity of the issues posed by sustainability. I have always worked on sustainable business strategies, communication and social innovation for non-profit organizations and in particular for companies. I worked for Ernst & Young’s Climate Change & Sustainability Services team, for RGA consulting firm, in the world of communication for the Digital and Media Agency Slash and I started my career in Vita Consulting. From 2017 I am also part of the Tractus and Food Partners team.

Danilo Devigili

I started dealing with sustainability in the nineties, because I always thought that “the world needs to be changed”, but taking care to do so with disenchantment not to fall prisoner of easy utopias. I have gone through different phases of this profession working for NGOs like WWF, communication groups like WPP and consulting firm as EY. I joined Collectibus because I think it’s time to give a new boost to sustainability, integrating it into the strategy through agile and digital solutions, together with people who do not “give up to things as they are”.

Chiara Tonghini

I commit myself to drive companies so that “being sustainable” represents a concrete approach to business strategies: transforming ideas into objectives, understanding how to organize responsibilities and activities to achieve them, evaluate and communicate the impacts generated and thus always define new paths of development and, therefore, new strategies. I worked for RGA consulting firm and Ernst & Young’s Climate Change & Sustainability Services team.

Ludovico Panzieri

I believe that the declination of what we mean as “sustainable” can change according to the reference framework: I like dealing with complex and structured organizations to see how many shapes sustainability can take.

In my work I face and analyze environmental, social and economic aspects, both from a technical point of view and from a strategic and communicative one. After working for Ernst & Young’s Climate Change & Sustainability Services team and RGA consulting firm, I held the position of Sustainability Manager at Magneti Marelli.

Marco Santini

Graduated in Economics at Bocconi University of Milan, I started my career as a management consultant in Accenture and, among the first in Italy, I developed best practices in the business process outsourcing field.

Since 2006 I have been a management consultant for Ceccarelli-PIMS SpA, part of the PIMS network (founded by Michael Porter), where I managed several projects in strategic, commercial and financial fields.

In 2010 together with the entrepreneur Vincenzo Conticello I founded AFSF SpA, a company of the Feltrinelli Group, which has conceived and realized RED La Feltrinelli, Caffè La Feltrinelli and Antica Focacceria San Francesco formats.

In 2014, after having sold my shares of AFSF SpA to the Feltrinelli Group, I resumed my consulting activity for the development and enhancement of companies in the food & beverage service industry and in 2015 I founded FOOD PARTNERS.