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We believe in an advanced consulting model capable of creating with its clients and their stakeholders. We are passionate about technology as much as human relationships, so we integrate digital solutions to enjoy big data and create shared knowledge networks and at the same time we offer workshops, group conduction, gaming because reality always goes beyond imagination.

Experience in industry

• Insurance&banking
• Automotive
• Cosmetics
• Pharma-chemicals
• Food&Beverage
• Home&Personal Care
• Luxury&Fashion
• Noprofit
• SMEs

Experience in competencies

• CSR temporary management
• Corporate philanthropy
• Finance
• Marketing & Communication
• Organization & processes
• Sharedvalue
• ManagementSystems
• Stakeholder engagement
• Strategy
• Supply Chain


FOOD PARTNERS: it’s a company that operates in the food & beverage service industry, in particular for restaurants and agrifood companies. It provides qualified skills for company start-up, development and management that allow to reach economy, profit and growth goals.

TRACTUS: it creates a valuable future for rural properties through the design and implementation of sustainable development pathways, from an economic and environmental point of view, to promote the conservation, growth and valorization of the countryside, agriculture and its related activities.

SYSTAIN: it is a CSR consultancy company that, starting from sustainability digital assessments , embeds the sustainability in the corporate strategy, covering the entire value chain. It is also able to support companies locally in the implementation of environmental and social policies, thanks to its presence in some of the most important manufacturing areas of the Planet.

COLLECTIBUS IS DATAMAN  BENCHMARK USERS:  a solution that fully automates previously manual processes for benchmarking, materiality analysis and ESG risk identification, saving you time, money and delivering better insights. Datamaran’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology scans and sifts vast lakes of data for 100+ non-financial issues.